About Nicole

Hey there!

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Nicole Green and I help empower women in recognizing their worth and potential to live intentionally and free from the things that keep them stuck.

I am part CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer), part freedom fighter, and very much an introvert (in an extroverted kind of way) with a side of creativity.  Imperfectly joyful, amazing grace is the song I sing and what you see is what you get.  I am what I am:  blessed, sweetly broken and put back together by a love so great that my heart cannot fully comprehend the depths.

This. is. me.

Truly, it is my honor and privilege to help people in this capacity.  I love sharing in the grace that has been extended to me and witnessing lives being transformed by redefining self care. Even more, the gutsy, tenacious women that I work with think it’s helpful and awesome…and that’s powerful!

Here’s to your wellness,

# of times I've been on radio, tv, and film

# of apps on my phone (I know..I know)

% of time people mistake me for an extrovert upon first meeting

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