Well, here we are at the end of season 1…short and sweet.  Thank you for sticking it out with me during my first season of The Back to Life Podcast.  This was sooo out of my comfort zone, but I did it! For that, I am truly grateful. I am also grateful to the guests that shared their time and talent with this adventure in podcasting as well as for you the listener.  

It is my hope that the information shared was helpful to you on your own journey. I also invite you to join me again for season 2 where we will be exploring how to overcome and thrive in real life, with real people, using real solutions. I’m calling it “The Overcomers” series and can’t wait to share with you and bring along friends for the journey Back to Life.  

Until then, may we all bravely embrace the new year, new opportunities, and a new life refreshed with hope, healing, and peace!

Be Well!

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