Hey there! I’m so excited to have special guest Nikki Delaney join us for the next couple of episodes, as we’ll be addressing the complex topic of romantic partnerships, and how we can improve these critical — and often very challenging — relationships in our lives.

Nikki Delaney is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Relationship Specialist, and owner of A New You Counseling here in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. She has more than 15 years of experience in counseling for diverse populations, including individuals, couples, and families seeking to improve their lives and build stronger, happier, and more fulfilling relationships.

In this episode we’re focusing on some of the biggest issues that arise in the beginning stages of romantic relationships, and how we can do better.

Nikki and I discuss the following and more:

  • What are some of the toughest challenges for couples at the very beginning of a dating/romantic relationship?
  • How do these early mis-steps lead to more difficult problems as the relationship progresses?
  • What can we do to prevent or minimize these problems from the start?
  • If a couple has already made these mistakes, what can they do to correct them and work toward a better relationship going forward?
  • How can we recognize whether our expectations are too high, rigid, or unrealistic?
  • How can we decide when to be more flexible or forgiving versus when to stand firm or walk away from a relationship that isn’t working?
  • What happens when someone does challenge your expectations? How can we learn to recognize what’s really going on and respond (not react) in a healthy, productive way?
  • What are some helpful tips for singles looking to find love and build a healthy partnership?
  • What are some helpful tips for couples looking to improve their relationship?

Additional resources mentioned in this episode:

Be sure to join us for part two of this series, when Nikki and I will be talking about Love Languages and how to maintain healthy and happy romantic relationships in the long-term!

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