November Wellness Theme: Contentment

Imagine enjoying your life and all that it contains.  Imagine you, smiling and being at peace. Ahh, can’t you just see it?  Well, this picture doesn’t have to stay in your head. You can actually live it out with this month’s wellness theme: contentment.  


  1. a deeper state of satisfaction; ease of mind

There is an unmistakable freedom and beauty that accompanies contentment: a freedom to be who you are, enjoy who you are, and live the life you were destined to live. However, contentment isn’t a matter of simply being content with your situation in life and never trying to improve it. It’s a matter of being content with what you have — but realizing that as humans, we will always try to improve, no matter how happy we are. If we don’t, we have given up on life.

And guess what? There are many benefits to contentment. It reduces your stress level, improves your outlook, rewires your brain, relaxes your body, and makes your life more peaceful.  I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty darn great – especially with the holidays upon us!

Here are a few ways to be more content in your life:

  1. Gratitude –  (a feeling) a general affirmation of the goodness in your life.  What are you grateful for?  
  2. Be Thankful – (an act) While seeming similar to gratitude, being thankful can be focused appreciation specifically towards someone or something.  To whom can you offer thanks?
  3. Stop Comparing – Comparison is the thief of joy & creates envy/jealousy which can poison your life
  4. Set your priorities – Figure out what matters most to you and do those things
  5. Change your perspective – choose your lens and live in line with what truly matters in the long term
  6. Focus on today – Yesterday is gone and who knows what will happen in the future. Today is all that is in your control. What are you going to do with it?
  7. Give – helping others keeps things in a more clear perspective and it adds a little sunshine into someone’s else’s life

I want to hear from you. Send me an email and let me know the ways you want to learn to become more content as we wrap up 2019. 
Stay tuned for more news, upcoming events, inspiration, and resources to help you along your self-care journey! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for even more helpful content.

In the meantime, be well!

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