Last month, we talked about treating ourselves to the things we like.  This month, let’s give ourselves a different gift: do something we wouldn’t usually do. Ok, I don’t know about you, but I kinda like my comfort zone. It makes me feel in control. 🤓

We can all agree that fear is a common response to new challenges or experiences, but what if we were brave enough to explore something out of the ordinary?  What kind of adventure would that bring into our lives?  

You might be thinking “So why is this important to my mental health and wellbeing?” Research shows that getting out of your comfort zone can create some “good stress” to help increase focus, creativity, motivation, and perseverance.  It can also help with resilience when unexpected life stressors happen. These are some of the things we need for maintaining a healthy mind and body.

TRY THIS:  Make a conscious effort to build up courage and enthusiasm for new experiences by creating an “adventure” diary or monthly bucket list.  It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Just do one thing out of your comfort zone and reflect on how you felt about it, who you met, whether you will engage in this activity again or not, and if this leads to a future experience to check out.  Depending on what it is, share it on social media. Add it to your journal. Tell a friend. By documenting your adventures, it will help to be a reminder of just how brave you are and that you have the courage to do so many things. Adventure awaits!

Not sure what to do? There are plenty of ideas online of interesting things you can try or learn. You can even check out the continuing education course catalogs from local colleges & universities in your area.  

Here’s an example: Below is my actual March bucket list. (Just me sharing this with you is an act of I also will try to be courageous enough to share these adventures on my Instagram, so follow me @heytherenicolegreen and use the hashtag #bewellbucketlist to join and find out if I actually do all of it. 😉

In fact, I’m already on my way to crossing off number three on the list! I’m excited (and yeah, a little scared) to be a guest on Mind Body Radio this Friday! Tune in live here on Friday, March 13th, 2020 10:00am MDT to listen to my interview. 

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